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Male and female sex development

       > Sex chromosomes

> Sex determination and formation of the gonads

> Development of external genitals

> Development of internal reproductive organs

Formation of the sexual ducts

Testicular descent

> Development of other sex-specific anatomical features

Breast development

Digit length

Sex differences appearing at puberty

> Sex-specific brain development

> The HPG axis and its role in sex development

> Sex, gender and sexual orientation


Atypical sexual development, intersex & DSD

                 Intersex and DSD: What's the difference?

                 Classifying variation in sex development

                 Information provided on this website


 > Variations obvious at birth

    >> Undescended testes

    >> Unusually small penis

    >> Unusually large clitoris

    >> Ambiguous genitals

    >> Hypospadias

    >> Enlarged breasts

  > Variations appearing later in childhood

                  Gender-atypical behaviour

  > Variations appearing at puberty

  > Variations appearing in adulthood

                  Infertility associated with DSD


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  > The NHMRC Program in Human DSD

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Last updated: 10 August 2021